Water: 3 Ways it can be harmful to your health

Make sure to drink plenty but use caution.

Make sure to drink plenty but use caution.

3 Ways Water can be harmful to your health


1) BPA

– Only use Non-BPA bottles if you choose to drink from plastic bottles

– Don’t leave them in the heat, it causes chemicals to leach from the plastic.

Click here for a great article on BPA and heat

– Drink from Stainless Steel bottles (but also remember to wash them out regularly)


2) Don’t Add Harmful Chemicals

– Don’t add “flavoring” like crystal light, koolaid, etc…


from Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, lemons, etc…)

and Veggies (cucumbers are delicious and chock FULL of nutrients)


3) Hyponatremia

– HypoWHAT??

It means that you have low levels of sodium (electrolytes) in your body

– Drinking too much water while exercising HARD and not replacing electrolytes

is one way you can get Hyponatremia


And incase you missed it,

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How much water do you drink in a day?

Have you ever suffered or felt the effects of Hyponatremia?

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