Walking: 4 Ways to Burn More Calories While You Walk



1) Add Weights

– Not only will this add strength to your arms WHILE you are walking,

but raising your arms above your head will increase your heart rate

TIP: Use your water bottle as the weight.


2) Stop and squat

– If you are on a 30 minute walk (for example),

stop every 5  minutes and do 10 *squats.

*Remember to keep your bum back (like you’re going to sit in a chair)

and your knees over your toes


3) Pick up the pace

– Pick a starting point (ie… mailbox) and an ending point

(i.e… the next mailbox)

and pick up your pace. If you are more advanced, jog or sprint from mailbox to mailbox


4) Walk on varying terrains

– Walking uphill is the best for burning calories.

Be careful on the downhill, not to strain or over-extend


Here is a great video with some walking tips from Debbie Siebers

Thanks to Debbie Siebers for this great tutorial workout.

I LOVE her Slim in 6 Video Series.

For more of her videos and products click here



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