A Virtual 5K Turkey Trot for Judy





Are you ready for a CHALLENGE?

Yes… I love challenges!!!

Are you ready to get fit?


Are you ready to make it through the holidays without gaining 20lbs?

Yes… I am!!!


Join me for this Virtual 5k Turkey Trot Challenge and 4Paws Fundraiser.

Not only is this a Turkey Trot (a Thanksgiving Day run) but it is all for a good GREAT cause!

My friend, Roni Noone, is hosting this Virtual 5k Turkey Trot and 4Paws Fundraiser

to raise money for her niece so she can get a service dog.

Say what???

How did I decide to get involved?

See, about 2 years ago I wanted to start a blog

and my friend told me about Roni and her website Ronisweigh.com.

I took one look and I was hooked.

She keeps it real.

She is VERY inspirational.

And she is one tough cookie.

So, when she said she is raising money for her special needs niece, Judy, and her mom that is raising Judy,

by doing a Virtual 5k Turkey Trot,

I knew I wanted to step up and help out.


Here is what Roni has asked everyone to do –

Click here and make a donation to the Judy’s 4 Paws for Ability Campaign

– Donate at least $25 minimum to participate in the Virtual 5k Turkey Trot

– If you donate at least $50 you will have the chance to win some prizes (COOL)

– Like Roni’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter and Instagram


BUT, in true Spot On Wellness fashion (<—- ??? Do I have a ‘fashion’ LOL)

I am adding a twist, a BONUS, to this challenge.



– I challenge you to join me and run or walk at LEAST 5k, 5 days per week from Nov 1st- Nov 28th (the day of the Turkey Trot)

– Post your ‘Hey, I did it’ message and pictures to Roni’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages.

– Post your picks using the #4Paws4Judy

– Tweet ‘I joined the Virtual 5k Turkey Trot & @4Paws Fundraiser with @Roninoone to help raise money & get #4Paws4Judy

– I will personally donate an extra $50 (up to $200 max) for every 100 people that sign up (with a tweet link to me) and run/walk the Virtual 5k Turkey Trot from Nov 1- Nov 28.

– And, if you Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I will love you forever 🙂


I got a jump start and ran 5k this morning 🙂

Let’s help this little girl and Roni’s mom raise the $13,000 needed to get her service dog 🙂





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