Yesterday was an eye opening, Ah-HA kind of day for me.

As I was reading through my tweets and checking out the different posts of the bloggers I follow, I came across one that made a significant impact on my life. It was a post by @MizFitOnline called Exercise is Not My Passion. As I read the post, it gave me goosebumps.

You see, for as long as I can remember, I have been “into” fitness and healthy nutrition.

It IS my Passion.

If I could live in a gym, I would.

If I could exercise all day/every day, I would.

I read about it, I watch videos about it, I train others how to do it and 99.9% of the time, it comes up in conversations I have with just about ANYONE… from the pastor at my church to the secretary at my kids school.

But, after I read that post (Exercise is Not My Passion by @MizFitOnline), I stopped and thought about how true her words were and how they gave clarity to my daily actions and career choices.

See, I am a type-A, Gen x, multi-tasking, entrepreneurial, think outside the box kind of girl. It isn’t unusual for me to come up with a new business idea or product I could patent, multiple times a day. It can get a little crazy up here in my head. Thank God I have a supportive husband who listens and brings me back to ground zero. 🙂

You see, as a Radiation Therapist (RTT) for the past 13 years, and a crazy fitness freak for my entire life, I have struggled with seeing exactly what God’s plan was for me.

“Maybe I should do this or maybe I should do that” is a VERY common phrase in my vocabulary.

I enjoy being an RTT. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am helping others in their fight against cancer.

I also enjoy being a fitness trainer and wellness coach. I continually strive to educate myself, obtain/maintain certifications and motivate others to live a healthy life.

And so, as I read on, MizFitOnline finishes her post by saying,

 “My passion is helping people & promoting healthy living.”

Well, Ta-Da!!

That’s IT!

Yes, I love fitness and exercise but that is just part of the whole picture!

I have a passion for helping others live a healthier life and be the BEST that they can be!

So, as I move forward, I will combine my career as an RTT and my love of fitness and healthy nutrition. I will follow my TRUE passion, and also what I now understand to be my calling of helping others by motivating, promoting and educating a healthy living lifestyle.

A very BIG thanks and shout out goes to:

 @bonnielang for being a new friend that I have found SO much in common with. Good luck to her and her husband as they try to create a much needed webseries to help young cancer survivors. Click here for more info on that project and here for Bonnie Lang Fitness. She always has a LOT of great fitness tips and workouts to share.

@aBLYSSa  and her post about What Should I Say to the 16 Year Old You? Wow! It is a post (and video) that will stop and make you say…

Okay 16 year old me…. DON’T slather on Crisco and lay in the HOT August sun on a deck chair over aluminum foil.

It is just plain STUPID and RISKY!

And last but certainly not least, @PowerCakes and @justkeepsweating have both been motivating me to be the best I can be.

I really look forward to trying some new exercises and eating your delicious recipes.



 Do you have a dreamjob that combines your passion and career? What is it?


  1. honestly- im a 36yr old man that is very motivated and irmsepsed with your workouts!!! you are very intense and ive never seen a woman with so much energy you are proof that you dont need alot of equipment to have a great workout!! you are an enjoyment to watch and i can tell your passionate about what you do. much love and keep up the good work. oh yeah- your sexy 2!LOL

  2. This article has inspired me to carry on writing on my own blog

  3. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the shout out! you made my day! I truly have a passion for helping others and this just gave me motivation to keep going!! love it! Thank you! <3
    Kasey @POWERCAKES.net recently posted..Blueberry POWERCAKEMy Profile

    • How long it take you to get that toned? This is actually a great wokorut, because since your keeping track you push to get better, and the wight lifting part is working your thighs and arms.

  4. Thank you for mentioning me in this post, TOTALLY unexpected! I agree with you and fitness/motivating/helping others is my true passion. If I could do it for a living I would, well I kind of do haha you know what I mean. Keep on being you and always remember to

    just keep sweating <3

  5. Health Coach! I’ve been slowly coming to this realization over the past few months. I taught yoga for 3 years and really enjoyed working with students one-on-one, but always wished I could offer them more. Then I thought about becoming a nutritionist, but didn’t want to do just that. Now, I’m training for a half-marathon and feel inspired to become a personal trainer. As I read through all these blogs as community director for FHBC, I realize that I want to do ALL these things – then it hit me! Health Coach! Certifications in a number of different things, endless offerings and opportunities for anyone who wants it! It still gives me the flexibility to travel, make my own hours and interact with people all the time.

    Thanks for asking this question today – I had to tell SOMEone about my eureka moment, since it JUST happened this week!!
    elle potter recently posted..Recap of Last Night’s #FHBC12 ChatMy Profile

    • Mark, the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle (my philosophy of .get out. get dirty. get fit. get fun.) is somhietng that I focus on with everyone I come in contact with. You are the expert and I look forward to future conversations about how everyone can become aware of the importance of the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle! Dan

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! And I, too, loved Carla’s post – it really made me think! I love your new direction and your support of Mikey and I is humbling and so encouraging; thank you, friend! 😀

    As for your questions, yes, my job as a personal trainer certainly combines my passion and career – fitness (I, too, could work out probably too much in a day!) and most of all encouraging and motivating others toward health so that they can live a fuller life. I’m so thankful for that. 😀
    Bonnie recently posted..The Deadman Burpee + Vegas (baby)!My Profile

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