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PiYo Challenge Group July 14th


Have you ever had a moment or an experience that made your heart burst with excitement, joy, happiness, nervousness, etc…????

(Okay, besides having a baby or getting married).

Well, actually, that is how I feel today after hearing from SOOOO many of you that are joining my FREE Facebook Challenge group – Spot On PiYo.

This is my “baby.”

It is a calling from God to help others live a healthy life, to live without pain, to have more energy…

and I am SO happy to share it with you and be here with you along this journey.

So… I want to answer some questions I have received re: my PiYo Challenge Group

❓Where will the challenge group be held?


The challenge group will be held on Facebook from July 14th – Aug 15th.

Once you message me that you have ordered the program and that you would like to join the challenge group,

I will add you to the closed challenge group.

I will also mail you the “rules” and prize/point schedule, etc…. at that point.

❓ How often do I have to workout with PiYo?


– The program is 6 days per week and the workouts are from 25-45 min per day.

❓Is PiYo just for women?


– NOOO! This program is for anyone that would like to increase flexibility, strength, balance!


☀️ PiYo is for

  ✅a beginner

 ✅ an athlete

   ✅ a triathlete

          ✅ a cardio junky

✅ a runner

✅ a walker

✅ a cyclist

    ✅ all shapes

     ✅ all heights

      ✅ all weights

      ✅ all abilities

           ✅ all ages, etc…

Okay, so I think you may get the picture.

❓Do I believe that this program is different?


– ABSOLUTELY! It will help to not only tone your body but lengthen, strengthen and take you to the next level…

No matter what level you are starting from.

❓ Will it challenge you?


– For sure! Each workout will push you to be better and stronger than the day before.

Listen, I would LOVE to offer everyone an easy way to be fit and healthy but if we don’t work for it,

we won’t appreciate it. I am here to help motivate, educate and kick your buns into shape 🙂

And, don’t forget to get cleared with your Doctor before starting any workout program

❓Will you see results?


– Well, that is up to you. Yes, the program works.

There have been MANY people who have completed it (test groups) and they have seen very good results.

BUT, you have to do the work to see the results. That is why I will be with you each step of the way




✅ You will get FREE coaching from me

✅ You will get chances to win awesome prizes

✅ You will have access to exclusive tips, recipes and motivation

✅ You will make lots of new friends


Order today (before July 5th) so you get your package in time AND before it sells out!

☀️Click Here to order just the PiYo program.


☀️CLICK HERE to order the *Challenge Pack and save big! SAVE $70 in July only.


* The challenge pack includes Shakeology HD which is a nutritionally dense meal replacement

shake that will help you see results faster, give you more energy

and has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol and help people lose weight.



Make sure to sign up for the challenge group (it STARTS JULY 14th) TODAY!



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