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Do you know what the ‘Mommy Buy Back’ is?

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Well, let me tell you about something I started doing yesterday with my kids Halloween candy.

I decided to buy it back from them.


Their health is THAT important to me that I decided to pay them for their candy.

See, I really don’t like Halloween… for many more reasons that just the candy…

but the candy is one BIG part of it.

I DO love to see them in their cute costumes

(We don’t allow them to dress up in scary or gory costumes)

and the fun they have with their friends.

But the CANDY!!! Holy cow!

There is a TON of candy that we, they, NO ONE needs to eat!

Yes, I agree… everyone (including me) needs a TREAT once in awhile.

But, that is how it should be treated! As a TREAT!

I don’t buy that type of treat… ever, so it isn’t in the house.

And, out of site out of mind (I would hide it) USED to work

but now that they are older… not so much.

I do educate them on WHY it is bad for them but still…

For something that is REALLY addictive,

I just keep it out of the house.

So, I decided to buy it back from them.


Here was the deal…

I said, “I will pay you 25 cents for each piece of candy or $10 for ALL of it”

My 9 year old son (Squirrel) says. “$20 and you have a deal”

WOW! I was shocked. Not only was my little sugar addict going to give up

ALL of his candy, but BAM… nice negotiation skills 🙂

So I responded, “Okay, $20 for ALL of it”

Son, “Well, if I keep 5 pieces, how much will you give me?”

Me, “25 cents for each remaining piece”

Son, “okay, let’s count it and see what my total is”

As HE counts it and multiplies 25 x 12 pieces (yes, I try to teach math in ANY possible moment)

he figures out that he only has made $3.

This is obviously NOT enough for a 9 year old to give up his candy.

So he says to me, “if you give me $10 and I can keep 5 pieces, it’s a deal”

LOL… Again, proud of such great negotiation skills.

Me, “okay, you have a deal”

One child done.

Next up is my 7 year old daughter, Bug.

She isn’t my sugar addict so I was a bit surprised when she decided to go for the 25 cent per piece deal.

She counted out each piece that she “didn’t want”

and it totaled $7.50.

There wasn’t any negotiation and she was happy. I need to work a bit harder with her 😉 LOL

After all of the “negotiations and transactions” were complete, they said to me,

“Can we go to Target with our money and buy something?”

Yes, unfortunately, we live in an immediate gratification society.

And I agreed that we could.

BUT, they have to take $2 of their money and put it into their savings account.

Both of them had $15 gift cards to Target so I had them add $15 to their candy total

(yes, a math teaching moment again)

and they had the total amount they could spend on our shopping trip.

Off to Target we went.

After SEARCHING for an hour in the toy, books, clothes, shoes (yes, I have a girl)

aisles, they finally find their prize! My son got a race car set and my daughter found a doll.

(yes, I have a TOTAL boy, too)

They were happier with those (to me, SILLY) items than they were with their candy

and I was MUCH happier that they didn’t have to eat ALL that candy.


Now I am sure you are wondering…

What am I going to do with the candy I bought back from them?

Well, there is a website that you can go to

 and type in your zip code to find a local Dentist that accepts the candy

and sends it to an organization called Operation Gratitude.

Operation Gratitude sends it in care packages to our troops overseas.

Pretty cool.

There are many other items you can donate and send in the package, too.

I like this idea a lot!

And, I made the kids part of it so they feel like they are helping our troops because

our troops are helping us. It’s a win-win.


Now, I have created a # (because EVERYTHING has a # nowadays)

So if you are also going to do this with your kids/candy,

you can post your pic using #mommybuyback

and I will be having a drawing for 1 lucky mom to win a

$25 Amazon Gift Card.


Here are the official rules…

1) Post a pic of your candy using #mommybuyback

2) Like my Facebook page

3) Like my Instagram page

4) Follow me on Twitter

5) Commit to making your family healthier

One lucky mom will be picked using Rafflecopter on Nov 10th.

Good luck!


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