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I don’t know about you but…. I LOVE THANKSGIVING DINNER!!

Over the past week, many of you have asked me how I plan to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for 13 people and still eat gluten free. Well, I have found some creative, healthy(er) and gluten free ways to make a few of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner staples and surprisingly, it won’t be that hard to manage.

Mashed Potatoes – This is by far one of my FAVORITE foods. However, it is not normally a “healthy” side dish, so I try not to eat it very often. You probably already know that one of the most nutritious parts of a potato is the skin. One little trick to make our MP’s quick and easy is I use the little red potatoes, skin on, and boil them whole. By using the little red potatoes, not only do I eliminate the need to peel the spuds – which my family will not let me do because I am terrible at it – but all of the nutrients are kept in tact. Another little trick I use to add flavor and healthy protein is by mixing in a cup of Non-fat Greek Yogurt. It adds a creamy consistency and the tang of sour cream. Yummy!!

Green Bean Casserole – Is this one of your favorite dishes, too? I love this dish and was really nervous that I would not be able to find a way to make it gluten free. BUT… where there is a will….

  • First, frozen green beans (or fresh if you can find good ones) are easy and taste almost as good as fresh
  • Second, Progresso makes a Gluten Free Creamy Mushroom soup that you can use in place of your usual Campbell’s brand
  • Third, to replace the fried onions (because they are not gluten free) that go on top of the casserole, I am going to try using FunYuns as a topper. I have not tried yet, so this will be a first. Please keep in mind that these are NOT a healthy addition to a meal but to eat them in moderation on a Thanksgiving casserole… it’s gonna be just fine.

Turkey Gravy –  Honestly, I have never been a big gravy fan but my family loves it. So, in my search for turkey gravy that is gluten free, Heidi (from the blog – Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom) suggests using Tom Sawyers Gluten Free Flour to make the BEST gravy ever! This is one recipe that we are going to try with our gravy this T-Day.

Dessert – Okay, truth be known, dessert is a bitter-sweet (no pun intended) part of the conversation for me. I have a love/hate relationship with dessert. BUT… it is Thanksgiving and as long as you don’t eat this way everyday, enjoy! So, I found a recipe by William Davis, MD, that is for a gluten free pumpkin pie with a wheatless crust that I would like to try making this year. I will let you know how it turns out!

Stay tuned and next week when I will post my gluten free food reviews from our Thanksgiving 2011 dinner. Until then… Happy Thanksgiving to you all! And a BIG thanks to my family for being my Thanksgiving gluten free taste testing guinea pigs this year. 🙂

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