What I Discovered After Taking a Bexlife Gym Diet


A couple of months ago, I read a post by Rebekah at BEXLIFE.com about taking a Gym Diet. She is a fellow blogger and FitFluential Ambassador.


I started to think about this gym diet idea and

after completing my first Triathlon in August

and a Dirty Girl run in September

Dirtiest day of my LIFE! And, one of the most fun 🙂

I was feeling run-down, tired, possibly overtraining and family/work wise, I found that I was getting REALLY busy!

So… I took a GYM DIET!!


Can you guess what happened from me taking my gym diet?

First thing I noticed was that I lost weight!

Yup, being 5’8″, I like to keep my (goal) weight between 130-135 lbs

It is a SCARY thing to post a picture of your weight!!


My weight does fluctuate daily but as you can see, I am within my goal.

I should be happy right?

Well, losing weight is great and all,

BUT, how do I feel?

What do I look like?

Do my clothes fit better or worse?

Do I still have the same strength and muscles?

 What’s the good, the bad and the ugly of taking a Gym Diet?

What did I discover from taking a Gym Diet?

1) I miss Running a lot. It clears my head, relieve stress and help me to focus

Otherwise, I am all over the map. I have the Shiny Object Syndrom just like Kelly Olexa

But, after a scary run this past summer and all of the bad stories I have been hearing

about attacks on women running outside, I am quite nervous to run alone now.

Sad but true.

2) I miss Kick-boxing a LOT too! It helps me to relieve some stress from my daily life

I am a firm believer that hitting a bag is the MOST fun way to feel strong and powerful

3) Eating healthy helps my body function at its peak level.

All of the (excuse me) “crap food” out there (see my past post on GMO’s) can really make you feel like you ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

I do have to be honest and say that it has been nice not worrying SO much about what I eat and letting

myself indulge a little more than I normally would.

According to my family, it is nice to see me eating like a “real” person.


Eating healthy is REAL and it is ME!

4) Exercise and eating healthy will my body stay healthy and not get sick.

Luckily, I didn’t get sick during this two month “adventure” but being tired all of the time is almost just as bad.

5) Exercise gives me better quality sleep and I don’t feel so tired in the morning or during the day.

It is amazing how you can get up at 5 am, punch out a workout/run/swim, etc…

and physically feel SO much better than if you had slept in until 10am.

6) My clothes fit better.

I have lost weight but my clothes definitely fit worse. They are less comfy… jeans especially.

7) I don’t feel as Strong as I was. I can definitely see a loss of definition in my arms

and I am sad that I let it go. BUT, I will get it back.

So, this past Monday I started doing INSANITY by Beachbody.

Yes, it is that crazy workout program you have seen on TV.

I have heard SO many great things about the program and

I really think that it will help

me get back into my daily routine of working out again.

The daily workouts are between 40-60 minutes and the

really nice thing about it…

I can do them from the comfort of my own home 🙂

AND, my kids LOVE doing it with me too! Double BONUS!

I also plan to start running again. Maybe outside or maybe

on a treadmill.

The incident that I had over the summer kind of scarred me… okay

it scarred me A LOT.

BUT… I will not let it stop me from doing something I love.

I just have to be really smart about it.


I have set 10 goals for myself to start this month to get back on track!

1) I will NOT overtrain and get myself run-down again

2) I will start and finish the entire INSANITY

3) I will make my meals as clean as possible each day

4) I will drink my Shakeology each day for breakfast

(the Tropical Berry is SO delicious and Vegan, non-dairy and non-GMO)

5) I will drink LOTS of water each day (something I work on really hard each day)

6) I will keep myself accountable via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

so make sure to follow me @spotonwellness

7) I will post my progress here on my blog as well as in my Accountablity group

on Facebook (Keep Me Accountable… search for it and request to join)

8) I will look ahead at my calendar each week to make sure

I schedule time each day to complete the workouts

9) I will prepare my food ahead of time so I don’t feel the need

to buy unhealthy options when I am starving

10) I will have FUN!

Have you gone on a Gym Diet?

What is your favorite way to exercise?

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  1. There’s such a fine line between overtraining and training just the right amount, and it’s so hard to know when you’re over that line! Good for you for being willing to take that gym break AND to reflect on it so thoughtfully!
    Kristen@FollowingFit recently posted..Running: For Me.My Profile

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