5 tips on HOW (& WHY) you should MOVE more!


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1) Set a goal 

 HOW: If you set a goal (ie… tell yourself that you are going to get up at 6am and walk 3 miles)

AND you DO IT, it is a great feeling of accomplishment

WHY: When we accomplish goals, it motivates us to do it again


2) Find a Buddy

HOW: Find a friend that is looking to accomplish the same type of goal

WHY: Having someone to workout with, to keep you accountable,

will help you (and your buddy to) stay on track and accomplish your goals


3) Join a fitness group or gym

HOW: Google fitness groups or gyms in your area to join

and see if they have any groups that meet each week

(ie… a running shoe store will most likely have running groups to join,

a bike shop will have some cycling groups, etc…)

WHY: Joining a group with a schedule will keep you on track and

BONUS… you will make new like minded friends


4) Get a Dog

HOW: Buy. A. Dog 🙂

WHY: If you have a dog, walking him each day at the same time

(maybe after dinner) will help you develop a routine. It will also get him/her exercise.

You could make it a family event and now EVERYONE is getting in shape


5) Join a Challenge Group

HOW: Facebook has become a fantastic place to join challenge groups. As a BeachBody and fitness coach,

I have challenges and challenge groups going all of the time that people can join.

For example, my challenge groups are closed groups that are by invitation only.

WHY: They will run for a certain length of time, each participant is asked

to post their accomplishments/goals/questions in the group each day and keep each other accountable.

I hope you join me for my next one 🙂



It is VERY important to remember that God only gave you one body and one life.

We should always try to keep our body as healthy as possible

so you can help others, be a light to someone else

and stay strong enough to resist the enemy!


What is your favorite way to MOVE each day?

What are your top 2 health/fitness goals for 2014?


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