Pumpkin Seeds: 5 Health Benefits of this Crunchy, Yummy Snack


Pumpkins Seeds…

5 health benefits of this crunchy, yummy snack

Pumpkin Seeds

Last night we carved pumpkins.

First let me say… This is NOT one of my favorite things to do.

And I am kind of sorry (but not really) but Halloween is NOT my favorite “holiday.”

BUT, I do like the fun that is had and the memories that are made.

This year my kids are 9 & 7.

We let them be as creative as they wanted to be.

And, we bought a carving kit so THEY could do the carving.

It was really cute to see the designs they came up with.

My daughter carved an elephant (haven’t you heard of the Halloween Elephant? LOL)

My son carved a face. Not a scary face, but a cartoon face.

And I was pleasently shocked suprised …



Spotonwellness Elephant Pumpkin

The Scary Halloween Elephant 🙂
Created by Bug, age 7



Spotonwellness Cartoon Man

The Not-So-Scary Halloween Cartoon Man
Created by Squirrel, Age 9


One of the best “parts” of cutting up a pumpkin

is the pumpkin seeds.

So, after all of the fun designing and carving (and cleanup) was done,

We baked the pumpkin seeds.

They are definitely one of those snacks that I forget I really love,

 I usually don’t think about them until fall.

They are FULL of good nutrition.

But, don’t eat too many… they are still high in calories 🙂

Everything in moderation!



I found a great article on Care2.com listing 10+ health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds.

My top 5 healthy benefits/reasons I love this healthy snack …

1) Full of Minerals – magnesium, zinc, and iron to name a few

2) Cancer Prevention – Because of they are full of antioxidants, they may help to decrease the risk of cancer

3)  Protein – They are a GREAT source of protein

4) Rich in Glutamate – reduce stress and anxiety

5) Tasty, crunchy and fun to eat!



Pre-heat oven for 200

Spread a little coconut oil onto the baking sheet

Rinse the pumpkin seeds really well and get all the pumpkin chucks off

Spread the seeds onto the baking sheet

Bake them for 15-20 minutes

Sprinkle with a little Salt

Or maybe some cinnamon and coconut sugar?



Tell me in the comments below…

Do you like Pumpkin Seeds?

Do you bake yours after carving a pumpkin?

What flavor do you make them?



  1. I love seeds from all kinds of squashes!

  2. I love roasted pumpkin seeds after carving a pumpkin (I also love spaghetti squash seeds). I usually just toss mine in some creole seasoning or sea salt. So yummy and nutritious!
    Becki @ Fighting for Wellness recently posted..Halloween Candy Busting WorkoutMy Profile

    • Ooooo… that sounds interesting and yummy, too! I have a spaghetti squash waiting to be cooked so maybe I will try that 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Now that my nest is empty, the ONLY reason I carve a pumpkin is for the pumpkin seeds! Love the elephant!!
    Coco recently posted..All Hallow’s Eve Book ReviewsMy Profile

  4. LOVE pumpkin seeds! carving pumpkins on the other hand? ehhh… ITZ HARD!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Happy Halloween!My Profile

    • You should try the carving sets with the special knives. They work really well… that’s what my (9 & 7 year old) kids used to carve out their pumpkins this year. MUCH easier 🙂

  5. I love pumpkin seeds. I haven’t had much luck making my own but I keep trying.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..The Choice Is MineMy Profile

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