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Yesterday was an eye opening, Ah-HA kind of day for me. As I was reading through my tweets and checking out the different posts of the bloggers I follow, I came across one that made a significant impact on my life. It was a post by @MizFitOnline called Exercise is Not […]

Yay! It’s Official!

YAY! Well, its official. Thanks to @FitFluential and @GotChocoMilk, I won a scholarship to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference this June in Denver! Yay! It is amazing how fast your dreams can happen when you reach out to others, listen to advice and jump into the action. I can’t wait […]

How Will You Follow Your Dreams?

This is me on The Roseman Bridge in Madison County, Iowa in 2001. It was  always a dream of mine to visit here and I was SO happy on this day.   “The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but I’m glad I had them.” Clint Eastwood as […]

Can you believe it?

          WOW! Is today really March 1st? Already? On January 6th, I turned 39. Yes, it is my last year in my thirties and I now realize that I only have 10 months and 5 days until I turn the BIG 4-0!! But, I embrace my age (even […]